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VFI Mission:
To install flagpoles for Veterans across Iowa at no cost.

The VFI Story

VFI is comprised of a passionate, purpose-driven, and patriotic volunteer force spread across the state of Iowa and beyond.  Originally formed in 2021, VFI quickly and effectively established a core focus of providing Veterans with a permanent visual reminder of our appreciation for their service and sacrifice.  A group of roughly 50 friends elected to combat the divisiveness and animosity in society today with actions as an example to our children that good still exists.  With that, we began to create and improve the process of installing flagpoles for Veterans.

In our first year of operations we installed 17 flagpoles with over 90% of our funds coming internally.  Each installation led to a deep sense of pride and appreciation, leaving us with a desire to reach more and more Veterans.  We quickly realized there were too many Veterans that needed to be thanked properly and we simply didn't have the manpower or funds to achieve a much larger mission.  

In 2023, after providing 40 Veterans with flagpoles, the group decided to open the initiative to other like minded citizens of Iowa.  The response has been overwhelming but not surprising given the caliber of character that Iowans possess.  We are prepared to enter into the next chapter of our existence with these goals:


  • Flagpoles for a Veteran in the 4 corner counties in Iowa by the end of 2024

  • Flagpoles for a Veteran in each of the 99 counties in Iowa by 2028

If you are selfless, passionate, driven, and patriotic Veteran Flagpole Initiative is a good fit for you.  Our installations typically take place on the weekends with each install lasting about an hour.  It's a time to build connections with others, give back to our country, and honor those who deserve it!

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