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VFI Install #0028 Tim Michener

Iowa's resources are not only in the soil, they are ingrained within our citizens - the Iowans. Iowans plant, raise, and harvest compassion, hard work, empathy, patriotism, and work ethic. Amongst the absolute best of Iowans however, are our Veterans. We have some of the most ethical, intelligent, caring, and capable human beings from Iowa who have served in the armed forces. PO1 Tim Michener is a prime example of how fortunate we are to be surrounded by citizens like this. VFI had the distinct honor of installing our 28th flagpole for Tim and his supportive and amazing wife Karla Michener. We came into the installation excited and left with a deep sense of appreciation for a Veteran who had incredible success in his 12 year Navy career and continues to succeed as a father, husband, and friend today. In the fast moving world that the internet is, take 9 short minutes to listen to Tim's story and understand how lucky we are to have so many folks like him in our state.

Want to help other Iowa Veterans like Tim? Check out for ways to contribute, alll funds go directly towards our Veterans. Find us on Facebook and follow us for updates.

Thanks to Martin's Flag Company, LLC, an Iowa based flag company, for their rock solid assistance in supporting VFI. Help support them by making your next flag or flagpole purchase a local one.

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