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VFI Install #41 - Kicking off 2024 Campaign!

Rounds complete on install 0041, VFI's first installation of 2024. This installation was a birthday gift to Mark Bjork from his wife Kelly Bjork!

Mark was/is a Marine (once a Marine, always a Marine) who served in Lebanon amongst other places from 1982-1985. He served his country with pride and sacrificed so much for his country, like all of our Veterans. Him and his family are now provided with a lifetime visual reminder that so many will ALWAYS appreciate his actions.

Big shout out to Aaron Creger who serves as the Des Moines area VFI Team Lead for getting this off the ground and installed in time for Mark's birthday. Volunteers brought their kids on board for this installation to instill Patriotic fervor and a deep sense of appreciation for Veterans at a young age.

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