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VFI Installs #0005, 0006, 0007 Bob Christensen, Arvin Van Zee, and Diana Dye

VFI triple header yesterday for SEI crew. The first install was for Bob Christensen on his acreage. Bob is a Vietnam vet who served from 1965-67 in Saigon as a truck driver. He was in the field with his dad picking corn when the army showed up with draft letter. Bob obtained the highest rank of corporal as a truck driver. Something I did not know was that back then draftees could only advance so far in rank in their job. For truck drivers that was corporal. Bob had some very interesting stories from living with 2 pythons in his hooch to burning shitters. It was cool to see how different some things are in military now a days, and how some things never change. Bobs son lives on his property and his daughter Trisha and granddaughter Leila showed up with donuts and sodee’s for the crew.

Install 2 was at Army vet Diana Dye’s house. As you enter Diana’s property there is a large barn and machine shed on the corner. Diana chose her flag to be centered on the barn. She received a 25’ pole so as not to appear dwarfed by the barn and I think this was the perfect choice. Diana was an Army specialist in the communications field from 1971-72 and was stationed at Fort Baker CA. Back then, pregnancy was looked at as a disability in the military and Diana was medically discharged from service due to her first child. She is also an active member of AMVETS. This display was also a double base hit as her son also served in the Army in the early 2000’s and is an Iraq combat who working in the supply field and was a sergeant. Another cool note about Diana’s property, the barn is sort of half finished with a bar and second floor loft. We tried to convince her of the “English Valley B&B” gold mine she is sitting on if she hosted events there.

Install 3 was Arvin Van Zee. Here are a few pictures and a video from our third flag install yesterday. Arvin is a Vietnam veteran with an incredible story. It’s worth your time

All in all it was another successful day for the PGI VFI with 3 more sets of flags flying high and proud!

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